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Felton Farmers' Market Every Tuesday 1-5:30pm

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Felton Farmers' Market will be open Tuesday September 15 from 1:00pm to 5:30pm.

Features: EBT/SNAP, Market Match, To-Go Artisanal Meals

The Felton Farmers Market runs through the end of October 2020.

Location:120 Russell Ave, Felton

Organizers are focused on the market's fundamental functions – supplying residents with healthy, nutritious fruits, vegetables, eggs and meats from regional farms and artisanal meals and staple foods from local businesses. Please learn about their detailed response to the COVID-19 pandemic HERE.

The Market

The Felton Farmers’ Market was started in 1987 and is the second oldest market in Santa Cruz County. This seasonal market is a favorite for the communities living in the San Lorenzo Valley and the Santa Cruz Moutanis and is located in the heart of downtown Felton on Highway 9. Considered the most kid friendly market in the area, the market provides a centrally located space for parents to leave their  young ones, who can draw, play or get their faces painted. The market is a perfect place for families to come and enjoy the day.



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