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Welcome New Chamber Member: Law Office of Michelle D. Smith

I am an estate planning and probate attorney who serves the residents of the San Lorenzo Valley and throughout California. My goal is to bring peace of mind and reduce potential conflict by helping people prepare their lives for times of transition. I help my clients design and prepare Living Trusts and Wills, guardian nominations for minor children, and health care documents in order to protect themselves and their loved ones and help to avoid lengthy and costly probate processes. I help people put together a plan for distributing their assets and taking care of the people they care about (including themselves!) when they cannot. Preparing a plan is a way to say "I love you" to those we care about, by making the decisions and putting the necessary documents in place before they are needed, to save people from the confusion if you ever find yourself incapacitated and also for when you are gone. Michelle D. Smith

6265 Highway 9

Felton, CA 95018




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