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Winter Storm Survivors Eligible for Property Tax Relief

Property owners with homes or property damaged by the 2022 - 2023 winter storms may

be eligible for calamity property tax relief. This relief includes a temporary reduction in

assessed values as well as an exclusion from reassessment when the property is repaired

or rebuilt.

To be eligible, your property must have suffered at least $10,000 in physical damage to

taxable property. Damage to personal belongings such as household furnishings are not eligible as they are not assessed for property tax purposes.

To fill out a calamity application, visit -

If your calamity application is approved and your taxes are not paid by your mortgage

company, you may also be eligible to defer the 2nd installment of your property tax bill,

which is due April 10, 2023. For those seeking a deferral, both a calamity application and request for deferral must be filed with the Santa Cruz County Assessor’s Office before April 10.

Those seeking only a temporary reduction in assessed values must submit a calamity

application to the Assessor’s Office within 12 months of the date of damage. Applications received after that date are not eligible for relief through a temporary reduction in assessed value and /or exclusion from reassessment upon repair/rebuilding.

(Photo from KGO TV)



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