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Sept 22 Women's Business Network Workshop

Embracing Your Emotions in Business

THURSDAY, September 22, 2022 AT 9 AM – 10 AM

Women's Business Network SLV

At Satellite Workplaces in Felton

Jennifer Mount, Professional & Leadership Development Education Executive Consultant and Facilitator, will host a talk for women in small business in the San Lorenzo Valley.

Workshop Description:

In the past, the display of emotions in business has been seen as a sign of weakness. This has often resulted in a lack of transparency due to the disregard for the many important feelings that show up. However, we have now come to an understanding, through dedicated research and the pandemic, the incredible benefits that our emotions provide in a workplace setting. We will discuss the value of emotional intelligence and how to navigate it for yourself and with others to resolve our greatest challenges.

Join us Thursday, September 22 at 9am at the Satellite at 6265 Highway 9 in Felton.

Event is FREE! Please RSVP at


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