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2023 Storm Information and Resources

The atmospheric river storm scheduled to arrive Thursday is forecasted to bring 6 to 8 inches of rain in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Severe rainfall and gusty winds are anticipated until late Friday afternoon.

Residents and businesses can anticipate downed trees, slope failures, road impacts and power outages. The San Lorenzo River is forecasted to reach flood stages with flooding anticipated in low-lying areas of Paradise Park and Felton Grove.

  • To sign up for CodeRed emergency alerts, click here.

  • For a list of sandbag locations in unincorporated parts of the county, click here.

  • For a printable storm preparedness checklist, click here.

  • To monitor local power outages, click here.

  • To view local road conditions, click here.

  • To view State highway road conditions, click here.

  • To monitor developments through local agency social media accounts, click here.

  • For more information on weather and disaster preparedness, click here.

During emergencies, remember to:

  • Fuel up your vehicle and generator. Resupply fuel backups if needed.

  • Check on your neighbors.

  • Stay tuned to trusted news sources (County and local agencies, KBCZ, KSBW, KION, KAZU, KSQD, Sentinel, Good Times, San Lorenzo Valley Post etc)

  • Make sure you have enough food and supplies for extended outages, including dry and canned goods.

  • Plan for home heating without power.

  • Charge your devices including cell phone, tablet, laptop and recharge any backup chargers.

  • Avoid flooded roads, and never try to drive across a flooded road

  • Know your zone! Look up your evacuation zone at

  • Make a family emergency/evacuation plan.

  • Report road closures or other issues at, or call (831) 477-3999.

  • Do not attempt to drive over or otherwise disturb PG&E wires.

  • Saturated soils mean slopes may fail. Be aware of your property and your environment.

  • Secure outdoor items that may blow away in high winds including patio furniture

  • Use sandbags to mitigate flooding on your property

Photo by SLV Steve



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